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Blackwater App by WHKonigstiger
Blackwater App

[Art done by: :iconselenethewerewolf: :heart: ]

[And for fun, a theme for him: ]

Name: “Blackwater” real name is Dirch Splithorn

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Length: 16 feet

Weight: around 4,000lbs

Build: lean by Narwhal standards he is often believed to be dead by others passing by thanks to pale and dead looking body and eyes. But his most well known characteristic is his two horns.

Soul Stone: obsidian

Skills: Necromancy and talking to the dead

Pod: Outrider

Rank: N/A

Family: father is Erneq Splithorn. Mother is Flavia Blackheart. Has a younger sister named Ea Blackheart.

Plenty more related family found farther north.

Personality: To all that do not strive to understand Dirch he is cold, blunt and only wants to deal with them until his work is done. As such most believe he is a loner that hates the living. But this is far from the truth, Dirch is exceedingly open to the few he trusts and is borderline a party animal with his love of games and just joking around. But if a friend is in need he can be level headed and wise, offering up plans, shelter, food and more to them if it’s needed. To all that truly know Dirch he is may be the nicest necromancer to ever live.

History: Dirch Splithorn hails from a long bloodline of dark arts and mystery, with the hated and feared Splithorns on one side, and the even more misunderstood and mysterious Blackhearts an his mothers side. This mixing of fear, hate and misunderstanding had lead to his family being heavily shunned in their home waters to the far north.

Thanks to his family's odd history and bloodline his Soul Stone being related to death and dark arts was hardly shocking to his parents and carried on raising him, in time a sister joined him in their small family only pod. Thanks to small size and being outcasts Dirch never lived in a pod or knows much to how they work. It’s a foreign concept to him even if his parents have told him stories of their old pod. Thanks to this he has never shown the want or need to be part of one and is vary content living the way he is.

As he grew he splitt off from his family, they meet up six times a year at an unknown meeting point, but other than this he spends a lot of his time alone or with the few friends he has made over time. But most of his time with others is helping the dead get one last shot at saying goodbye and completing some last tasks so they can rest easy. but this is not free and he asks a heavy cost for breining the dead back and the cost growing with every day they want him to keep the dead alive.

Other Information:

Accessories: fancy tooth necklace made out of gator teeth and black pearls


[ Out of 5 ]

Strength |3|

Endurance |5|

Defense |3|

Speed |2|

Tactical |4|

Activity |2|

Playfulness |3|

Dominant |4| 

Submissive |3| 

Affectionate |4|

Vocal |2|

Intelligence |5|

Affinity for other animals |3|

Castle Bravo by WHKonigstiger
Castle Bravo

My Enclave soldier named Castle Bravo!

Art by:

Castle Bravo belongs to me.

mlp belongs to Hasbro
Bullet; Black Characters Bullet; Black
Geliefde by WHKonigstiger

Bullet; Black Pebbles Bullet; Black

Current Total: 10
Last Updated: 12/11/2014

Bullet; Black history Bullet; Black
Geliefde by WHKonigstiger
For the group: :iconheartofthekalahari:

Recruited by: SeleneTheWerewolf
Art done by: SeleneTheWerewolf

Name: Geliefde

Meaning: Loved One

Gender: Male

Species: Brown Hyena (Hyaena brunnea)

Age: Young Adult

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Group: Nomadic Rogue

Personality: [Guardian] [Loving] [Happy go lucky] [Glutton] [Flirty] [Respectful]

Geliefde is unlike most hyenas for many reasons. He travels around in his nomadic lifestyle to see new things, meet others and just spread the love. From singing on long walks to playing with his shadow, Geliefde is never down in the dumps and is close to being sickeningly happy with his life and the world around him. Too hot? Too wet? Maybe too cold? Geliefde will work out some way to make the most of it and love it.

But he is more than just a lover, Geliefde can’t stand seeing others suffer and will try to help them. Be that hunting for the week, feeding the old or guiding the young. But worst comes to worst he will not back down from keeping even a stranger safe from the most deadly odds. He’d rather die helping some stranger then let them die as he looked the other way.

Background: Brown Hyenas do not maintain a territory, instead they use hunting paths that they travel along over time in a nomadic way, never sticking around for long as they follow prey and the land. Born into this life, Geliefde was never one to stay put for long. As he grew up he left his pack, at first to find another one to live with but he did not seem to have luck on his side. Travel and travel he did, but he never found the others. But this did not worry him, taking this in stride he keeps on traveling the land far from where his pack have gone. He may miss the company of others from time to time, but he never feels truly alone as he has all the land, sky and more to keep him company along with many new friends he makes along the way as he keeps following the next horizon.

Currently: New to the Kalahari Zone, Geliefde has been exploring it with care. At first thanks to the large Lion prides, but he is starting to explore into the Lion lands with a touch of care as he tries to work out which prides are more safe to be close to. With some luck, he may even make some friends!


Likes: Star gazing, drawing in the sand/mud/dirt, rain, mud, lakes, ponds, rivers, swimming, sleeping, exploring, new things, meeting others, talking, playing, food, lots of food and just having a good time.

Dislikes: Jerks, being rude, nothing to do, staying in one spot for too long, everything that wants to kill him, killing for the fun of killing, wasting food, biting bugs, most bugs, kill joys and boring things.



United States
Favourite genre of music: Techno Remix songs
Personal Quote: "For the love of Azura! Can't a man have a little privacy!?"
Man, I have been working my ares off all week, then out of the blue I get a job interview on top. I am not liking this! give me back my lazy drunk life!

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